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  Parliamentary Parties  

Blue Party (Liberal)

  No. Constituency Name Province/Region Gender  
  1 YP01-AJK01 Syed Waqas Ali Kausar Azad Jammu & Kashmir Male  
  2 YP02-AJK02 Muhammad Khalil Tahir Azad Jammu & Kashmir Male  
  3 YP03-BALOCHISTAN01 Kashmala Khan Durrani Balochistan Female  
  4 YP05-BALOCHISTAN03 Waqar Nayyar Balochistan Male  
  5 YP06-BALOCHISTAN04 Muhammad Sadan Nasir Balochistan Male  
  8 YP07-BALOCHISTAN05 Rahim Bakhsh Khetaraan Balochistan Male  
  6 YP08-FATA01 Ahmad Noor FATA Male  
  7 YP09-FATA02 Muhammad Hamid Hussain FATA Male  
  9 YP10-ICT01 Samir Anwar Butt ICT Male  
  10 YP11-ICT02 Nabia Zafar ICT Female  
  11 YP12-NA01 Syed Ansar Hussain Northern Area Male  
  12 YP14-NWFP02 Sor Fabha Alvi NWFP Female  
  13 YP15-NWFP03 Hira Batool Rizvi NWFP Female  
  14 YP18-NWFP06 Usman Ali NWFP Male  
  15 YP19-NWFP07 Ammara NWFP Female  
  16 YP21-PUNJAB02 Ahmed Ali Babar Punjab Male  
  17 YP22-PUNJAB03 Yawar Hayat Shah Punjab Male  
  18 YP24-PUNJAB05 Bilal Ahmed Punjab Male  
  19 YP26-PUNJAB07 Maria Ishaq Punjab Female  
  20 YP28-PUNJAB09 Muhammad Waqas Sarwar Punjab Male  
  21 YP31-PUNJAB12 Saadia Wuqar Un-Nisa Punjab Female  
  22 YP34-PUNJAB15 Allah Ditta Tahir Punjab Male  
  23 YP35-PUNJAB16 Sheikh Mustafa Mumtaz Punjab Male  
  24 YP37-PUNJAB18 Asad Asghar Janjua Punjab Male  
  25 YP38-PUNJAB19 Waqas Aslam Rana Punjab Male  
  26 YP39-PUNJAB20 Sufian Ahmad Bajar Punjab Male  
  27 YP40-PUNJAB21 Taimur Sikandar Choudhry Punjab Male  
  28 YP42-PUNJAB23 Ahsan Yousaf Chaudhary Punjab Male  
  29 YP45-PUNJAB26 Afsana Afsar Punjab Female  
  30 YP46-PUNJAB27 Irfan Haider Punjab Male  
  31 YP47-PUNJAB28 Muhammad Imadullah Punjab Male  
  32 YP49-SINDH01 Dhanesh Kumar Sindh Male  
  33 YP50-SINDH02 Zameer Ahmed Malik Sindh Male  
  34 YP52-SINDH04 Sofia Saeed Sindh Female  
  35 YP56-SINDH08 Syed Mohsin Raza Sindh Male  
  36 YP57-SINDH09 Mudassir Habib Sindh Male  
  37 YP58-SINDH10 Raja Sharjeel Hassan Soomro Sindh Male  
  38 YP59-SINDH11 Muhammad Rafique Wassan Sindh Male  
  39 YP62-OVERSEAS PAKISTANI01 Shamas-ur-Rehman Toor Singapore Male  
  40 YP63-OVERSEAS PAKISTANI02 Amireeta Kumari Rawlani Singapore Female  
  41 YP64-ICT03 Shahbaz Zaheer ICT Male  

Green Party (Traditional)

  No. Constituency Name Province/Region Gender  
1 YP04-BALOCHISTAN02 Niaz Muhammad Balochistan Male
  2 YP13-NWFP01 Farrukh Jadoon NWFP Male  
  3 YP16-NWFP04 Zahid Ullah Wazir NWFP Male  
  4 YP17-NWFP05 Fawad Zia NWFP Male  
  5 YP20-PUNJAB01 Syed Muhammad Nishat-ul-Hassan Kazmi Punjab Male  
  6 YP23-PUNJAB04 Ahmed Javed Punjab Male  
  7 YP25-PUNJAB06 Syed Waqar Ahmed Punjab Male  
  8 YP27-PUNJAB08 Niaz Mustafa Punjab Male  
  9 YP29-PUNJAB10 Mohsin Saeed Punjab Male  
  10 YP30-PUNJAB11 Muhammad Moin Akhtar Punjab Male  
  11 YP32-PUNJAB13 Amir Ejaz Punjab Male  
  12 YP33-PUNJAB14 Umair Zafar Malik Punjab Male  
  13 YP36-PUNJAB17 Umair Farrukh Punjab Male  
  14 YP41-PUNJAB22 Chaudhry Usman Ahmad Punjab Male  
  15 YP43-PUNJAB24 Raheel Sher Khan Punjab Male  
  16 YP44-PUNJAB25 Sher Afghan Malik Punjab Male  
  17 YP48-PUNJAB29 Abdullah Khan Leghari Punjab Male  
  18 YP51-SINDH03 Muhammad Essam Rehmani Sindh Male  
  19 YP53-SINDH05 Muhammad Abdullah Zaidi Sindh Male  
  20 YP54-SINDH06 Gul Bano Sindh Female  
  21 YP55-SINDH07 Aurangzeb Marri Sindh Male  
  22 YP60-SINDH12 Sama Paras Abbasi Sindh Female  
  23 YP61-SINDH13 Mir Fahad Iqbal Sindh Male  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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2008-09 Youth Parliament Pakistan