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“US dictated policy on the Kashmir issue is being followed by the Pakistani Government”, Says Lord Ahmed of Rotherham

Islamabad, August 08, 2009: Pakistani Governments are failed to convince the International communities on the Principal stand on the Kashmir dispute, said by the Lord Ahmed of Rotherham Life Peer, House of Lords, UK, on the 4h day of the Youth Parliament session, while talking on the Kashmir issue. He further added that the role played by the Governments in Azad Jammu and Kashmir is also questionable.  During the question answer session he showed his commitment to file a petition against Gen Musharraf in UK and the evidences and proofs are being compiled to make the case stronger.

The resolution moved by Mr. Ansar Hussain (YP12-NA01) pointing towards the democratic dispensation to immediately take concrete steps for granting constitutional recognition and provincial status to Northern Areas of Pakistan in compliance with the Supreme Court’s decision in AL-Jihad Trust case so as to bring the region out of the political limbo in which it has been entangled since its unconditional accession. Majority of the members agreed on the point that people of Northern Areas are deprived of their basic necessities and they deserve to enjoy their fundamentals rights and after debate this resolution was adopted by the house.

Mr. Essam Rehmani (YP51-SINDH03) moved the resolution about the potential of Pakistani Youth that is not being utilized at optimum and the system is forcing them to leave the country and work abroad. Members urged the Government of Pakistan to develop more opportunities of jobs and employments so that brain drain dilemma can be stopped. Members of the house adopted the resolution after debate.

There was also a debate generated on the resolution moved by Mr. Niaz Muhammad (YP-BALOCHISTAN02) that Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Quetta should not put a compulsion on young girls to give pictures on Admissions forms as Balochistan Tribes do not allow photographs of girls to be on forms, and due to this condition young female ratio of education will be decreased. During the debate many members gave alternate solutions to cater this issue so that the issue of women education and gender discrimination could be sorted out. The house rejected the resolution after debate.

Patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan, the Youth Parliament Pakistan consists of 64 young men and women who represent the four provinces, FATA, FANA, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Islamabad Capital Territory in proportion to the population of these units. The Youth Parliament follows its own two-Party System, an elected Leader of the House or Youth Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, a Youth Cabinet, a Shadow Cabinet and Standing Committees.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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