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Government of Pakistan should show its political will to initiate the trial against Gen Musharraf involving Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan, Youth Parliament Pakistan

Islamabad, August 06, 2009: Youth Parliament Pakistan demanded that the Federal Government should invoke Article 6 against Gen Musharraf to usurp the Constitution. The resolution presented by Mr. Sufian Ahmed Bajar (YP39-PUNJAB20) was adopted in the house, which discussed that Gen Musharraf should be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution for suspending the Constitution and overthrowing an elected government. This act would impede any future attempts to derail democracy in Pakistan.

Mr. Zameer Malik (YP50-SINDH02) and Mr. Asad Asghar Janjua (YP37-PUNJAB18) moved the resolution to reject any proposal of division of provinces especially Punjab on the basis of language and ethnicity. This resolution was rejected by the house and the Youth Parliamentarians supported the division of provinces on administrative basis to minimize the situation of anarchy in the country.

A calling attention notice was moved by Mr. Mohsin Saeed (YP29-PUNJAB10) to draw the attention of Honourable Youth Prime Minister to the foreign intervention in Balochistan and Swat region. While discussing the issue, Leader of the house, through the platform of Youth Parliament, made an appeal to the Government of Pakistan to develop a comprehensive policy to deal with the foreign interventions in all parts of the country.

Another resolution was presented by Mr. Abdullah Zaidi (YP53-SINDH05) to extend the Military operation, started from Malakand, to Waziristan region and to negate the possibility of any negotiation with the militants. This resolution was rejected by the house with majority which favoured that door of the dialogue should always be open to every one.

Ms. Hira Batool Rizvi (YP15-NWFP03) moved the resolution to study and use of alternate energy resource to alleviate the energy crises of Pakistan. After debate the resolution was unanimously adopted by the house.

Leader of the House referred the motion about focusing on better training of law enforcement and civil defence forces to blunt the impact of terrorism in the country to the Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence. The motion was moved by Mr. Waqar Ahmed (YP25-PUNJAB06).

Mir Fahad Iqbal (YP61-SINDH13) presented the resolution that Government of Pakistan should cease the culture of nepotism in government departments. Members of Youth Parliament also criticized the huge size of the cabinet whose members are perceived to have failed to discharge their responsibilities. This resolution was adopted with majority by the house.

Patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan, the Youth Parliament Pakistan consists of 64 young men and women who represent the four provinces, FATA, FANA, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Islamabad Capital Territory in proportion to the population of these units. The Youth Parliament follows its own two-Party System, an elected Leader of the House or Youth Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, a Youth Cabinet, a Shadow Cabinet and Standing Committees.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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